5 Best Outdoor Range Hoods 2022 – Ultimate Buying Guide

Best Outdoor Range Hoods

It is time to keep the smoke away from your patio area, and it is possible if the premium constructed outdoor range hood is chosen by you. There is no point in cooking outside if much smoke and fumes are accumulated on your patio. The purpose of range hoods is to keep the cooking zone cloud-free. If you have invested in the fitting outdoor venting hood, it means you will never and ever face this issue.

Check out these best outdoor range hoodsThey are not only cost-effective; in fact, they are ideal appliances for outdoor kitchen workspace stations. In addition, they have a powerful fan, more oversized hood, and great design that motivate every customer to choose them. If you have just set up a new outdoor kitchen in your backyard, make sure to install these new vent hoods over there. No matter how rough and tough the weather is outside, these hoods will remain safe, stable and durable. Read out the reviews in-detail and make sure to put up your most favorite range hood in the backyard kitchen zone.

5 Best Outdoor Vent Hoods

1-ZLINE 36 in
2-Broan EPD6148SS 48"
3-ZLINE 46"
4-Blaze 42-Inch
5-ZLINE 42"

1-ZLINE 36 in. Convertible Vent Outdoor (KB-304-36)

Key Features

  • Improves airflow in your kitchen
  • 400 CFM Air Flow
  • Maintains quiet environment

ZLINE brand is known for perfect-looking range hoods. Among these unlimited choices, we have ZLINE 36 inches Convertible Vent Outdoor range hood. Stainless steel construction materials are used in it. In addition, the element of modern design makes this simple and basic range hood top-notch looking one. It shows built-to-last quality traits. Furthermore, investing in ZLINE 36 inches Outdoor grill vent hood is a feasible and sensible decision that you should take immediately. No doubt, it can come out as a great and impressive addition to your outdoor kitchen.

Moreover, while you plan to remodel your outdoor kitchen, you need to inspect whether your range hood needs a replacement or not. And if it does need a replacement, then try buying ZLINE 36 inches Convertible hood. It always shows high performance, and the 4-speed motor present in it delivers noise-free running time. Ventilation of the kitchen is the first need that a person should cater to, and the whole process of pulling air, foul smells, and grease, dirt from your kitchen is possible if you install such a professionally designed range hood.

All tested and approved design makes the ZLINE 36 inches Convertible range hood high and premium quality looking one. You can ideally use it either for indoor or outdoor use. It does not bring any restriction regarding for which cooking purpose you use this range hood! Customers have extensively backed the general use and operational side of the ZLINE 36 inches hood because modern features are the noticeable part of it.

It is time to make your cooking time more enjoyable and keep cooking in a clean air environment. Try making up your mind now and invest in a high-quality range hood. In addition, ZLINE 36 inches Convertible hood is ETL listed, and that is the USP of it. It allows the most effortless installation procedure, and even a beginner-level can install this hood. The product is included with two (2)-16 inches telescoping chimneypieces, and they manage to get approximately fit at 8-9 ft. ceilings. On the other hand, you need to buy Chimney Short Kits and Extensions separately for taller and shorter ceilings.

  • Vent out and recirculating option
  • Easy-to-use push-button controls
  • 4-Speed Fan Control
  • Design is comparatively less appealing

ZLINE 36 inches Convertible Vent Outdoor range hood has captured our hearts because snow finish stainless steel encompasses it. Such a finishing brings more of the different texture on your range hood and amplifies your kitchen décor feel. Moreover, stainless steel finishing makes it resistant to harsh weather conditions, and you can easily use that range hood for indoor and outdoor purposes.

2-Broan EPD6148SS 48″

Key Features

  • 3-speed rotary control
  • 50-watt Halogen bulbs
  • Professional style baffle filters

The pro-style range hood is in front of you. We are talking about Broan EPD6148SS 48″ range hood. The encouraging and favorable quality of this range hood is that it has HVI certification. Very few of the range hoods have received HVI certification, and Broan hood is one of them. In addition, dishwasher-safe filters and bright halogen lighting are other auspicious qualities of it.

Giving you the basic dimensions of the Broan EPD6148SS 48″ range hood, it is available in an 18″ tall wall-mount design. Furthermore, it shows a deep 27″ depth. Such a depth makes it easy for the range hood to handle all kinds of heat and fumes. Many range hoods have made their way into the market, and very few have professional designs. However, you do not have to concern because the Broan range hood is not one sub-standard.

There is a powerful internal blower so that quiet and 100% noise-free operations are guaranteed to be given by the user. No doubt, we have reviewed one of the convenient and best Outdoor kitchen vent hood options for you, and they will meet your kitchen standards and needs. In any kitchen, the ventilation process is needed and always required. And that is what all high-end brands are investing their time, money, and energies. Moreover, the induction of dependable operation and 3-speed rotary control makes it a full-proof and premium range hood model.

It is the correct time to cook with comfort and easiness. And Broan EPD6148SS 48″ range hood will provide you all these benefits. Your kitchen workspace will light up because the brand has inducted 50-watt Halogen bulbs. Rest, Professional style baffle filters are here to trap grease, fumes, and foul odors. So, have you made up your mind to try the Broan brand as they manufacture perfect and high-end range hoods! If you have tried out some other range hood version of the same brand, share your experience with us.

  • Professional outdoor design
  • Powerful internal blower
  • Offer quiet and dependable operations
  • Its filters need regular cleaning

Broan EPD6148SS 48″ range hood is a Pro-Style outdoor hood, and that is why it has fulfilled our kitchen cooking needs. Furthermore, it is specifically designed and ideal to be installed in outdoor patios or lanais. No doubt, this is an attractive addition to your indoor or outdoor kitchen. You need to capture maximum cooking odors from your kitchen workspace, and this is possible upon grabbing Broan range hoods. Hence, this is a classy model and shows classy performance too.

3-ZLINE 46″ Ducted Wall Mount Range Hood (721-304-46)

Key Features

  • 4-Speed Fan Control
  • Efficiently moves fumes and air.
  • Quick to install

Approved stainless steel material is used in ZLINE 46″ Ducted Wall Mount Range Hood. We can say this with confidence that auspicious and highly favorable traits are part of ZLINE 46″ range hood. It is designed for both indoor and outdoor settings. The incorporation of powerful airflow operations makes it a feasible choice for indoor and outdoor kitchen styles. In addition, push-button controls have made the operational and running side of this range hood a piece of cake. No inconvenience is given while using the ZLINE 46″ because its touch button controls perform the job with 100% simplicity. With these button controls, you can even control the fan speed and also lighting.

Moreover, 4-speed fan settings are showcased by the ZLINE 46″ range hood. Giving you general and basic information, you can run this range hood at 280/460/670/1200 CFM. It is up to you which airflow settings you want to elect. Like, if you feel that lots of fumes and foul odors have entered your kitchen space, then it is better to run the range hood at high speed. The highest speed setting depicted by the ZLINE 46″ hood is 1200 CFM. In other words, this is the maximum CFM airflow rate shown by it, and it does not pass from the mentioned limit.

It is always disappointing to see when bad odors and foul smells surround your kitchen. A high-quality range hood installation is paramount because they pull out all nasty smells from your cooking space. A clean air environment in any kitchen makes it a good and favorable space for cooking, and you can cook in that workspace station for hours and hours.

You can share with us whether you are interested in installing the ZLINE range in your indoor or outdoor kitchen! Trust us, this brand that is popular in making auspicious Outdoor bbq vent hoodswill not let you down. High-quality and 304 Grade Stainless Steel is tested and approved by most third parties, and it is for this sole reason that it has become the primary construction material and preferred choice by ZLINE.

  • Powerful airflow
  • Ideal for an outdoor setting
  • Easy-to-use and operate push-button controls
  • Customer support is not that much quick

So, what’s the bottom line? ZLINE 46″ Ducted Wall Mount Range Hood is an approved range hood type suitable for residential and commercial uses. In addition, modern features, dishwasher-safe baffle filters make this range hood more straightforward and enjoyable looking in terms of operations. All of the ZLINE Hoods are ETL Listed and offer the most manageable installations. They have made a great name in the range hood industry. And we hope that ZLINE will continue to stand by all of its products along with the provision of Manufacturer Parts Warranty.

4-Blaze 42-Inch Outdoor Vent Hood – 2000 CFM – BLZ-42-VHOOD

Key Features

  • Extreme performance
  • LEDs brighten up your cooking area
  • Approved stainless steel

Blaze 42-Inch Outdoor Vent Hood is an extra deep and extra high hood. It is a suitable choice for all kitchen designs and styles. Moreover, stainless steel construction is there, which makes it a long-lasting vent hood. In addition, it can be used as a grill and range hood. The presence of a high-capacity design makes it a favourable model for all kitchen owners. We have seen that the addition of a high capacity design in any range hood improves its overall potential to pull out enough fumes and foul odors.

Besides, you can see that Blaze 42-Inch Outdoor kitchen exhaust hood has two and individually controlled1000 CFM blowers. They are injected with four-speed settings and efficiently manage the smoke intake processing. The brand fulfils industry-leading standards and requirements, and we have no quality doubt on Blaze 42-Inch range hood. The incorporation of industry-leading 2000 CFM makes these Blaze vent hoods one of the perfect options for all levels of customers. Whether you have a kitchen in the outdoor living space, still Blaze 42-Inch hood will work ideally over there.

It clears all smoke and fumes from your kitchen in fewer periods, and you can comfortably enjoy your cooking time endlessly. As the Blaze 42-Inch hood has 36-inch depth, that is why your hood will be able to trap more of the grease and smoke. This is amazing for sure! Most importantly, the extra and additional depth makes this hood more potent because you no longer need an extra piece to extend the range hood. Its 36-inch depth quickly covers the whole grill and smartly captures smoke and nasty smells.

Hence, the Blaze 42-Inch range hood has a robust design. If you feel like installing this vent hood at some higher position, you can do that as well. Experts have suggested installing the Blaze 42-Inch hood above the cooking surface so that the person experiences more headroom while he is cooking. Even more, the decision is up to the user whether he wants to configure the motor horizontally or vertically. The motor should be vented out at the back section of the hood if you are configuring it horizontally. Thus, the Blaze 42-Inch hood is combined with the elements of better illumination, extended depth, and durability. As compared to standard range hoods, this is a more appropriate choice.

  • Extra deep design
  • Two high-performance CFM 4-speed blowers
  • Commercial style baffle filters
  • Lighting get bit after prolonged use

Blaze 42-Inch Outdoor Vent Hood has six commercial-style baffle filters in it, and that is why it has collected such a strong rating and positive reviews. These baffle filters successfully prevent grease and cooking fumes from entering the duct. The range hood reviewed for you is available in a rounded canopy style and efficaciously withstands all outdoor elements. It is styled and designed in a way that contests well with your other kitchen appliances.

5-ZLINE 42″ Ducted Outdoor Approved (597i-304-42)

Key Features

  • Easily Convertible
  • Efficiently moves large volumes of smoke and air
  • Tested and approved 304-grade stainless steel

These days, it is tough to get a range hood that looks both fashionable and modern. But quite a few trendy range hood choices have arrived in the market. We have a ZLINE 42″ Ducted Outdoor Approved range hood for our readers that is impressively modern and fashionable looking. In addition, the stainless steel body makes it further trendier. Most noteworthy, ZLINE 42″ hood is the hood made for outdoor kitchens. Though it looks traditional, high-performance is constantly exhibited by it. The stainless steel used in it is non-corrosive and endures all harsh weather elements.

You might be wondering why we have elected the ZLINE brand? Here you can learn about that! This respective range hood is constructed and built in a manner that the user witnesses trouble-free use. Furthermore, the most favorable quality of the ZLINE hood is that it is easily convertible. Like, if you want to convert the range hood for witnessing recirculating operations, you can do that as well. Keep in mind that for recirculating operations, you need to buy carbon filters. Or you have to get standard configuration vents outside!

A standing ovation is received by the ZLINE 42″ hood because it is the Best vented range hood. It quietly operates and pulls out bad smells and odors instantly from your kitchen. Its processing and operations to pull out large volumes of air are breezy enough to see. Regarding the fitting part of ZLINE 42″, make sure to fit it at 12 feet height. It would help you buy proper ZLINE extensions. Only then your installation process will become smooth!

The same ZLINE 42″ range hood can be used if you often perform heavy-duty cooking time.

Its overall exhaust system is exceptional. The presence of fans and motors makes it a powerful range hood and kills large amounts of smoke from the kitchen air. No doubt, this is a cost-effective recommendation that we have reviewed for you. It is an energy-efficient kitchen appliance and does not increase your energy bills as well. ZLINE brand is famous for manufacturing highly specialized range hoods, and ZLINE 42″ is one of them.

  • Traditional High Performance
  • Built for years
  • Offer trouble-free use
  • The installation process takes a bit more time

ZLINE 42″ Ducted Outdoor Approved range hood is supported and praised by many cooking experts. The brand is known for offering technical support too. We have come to the bottom line and final verdict that ZLINE range hoods always display high-quality artistry. Their ultra-quiet powerful motors and modern designs make them one of the most prominent leaders of the range hood industry.

Buying Guide

The demand for outdoor and the best kitchen exhaust hood is constantly getting higher. People love to cook outside, and this activity is possible if you get an outdoor range hood. They are made to remove heavy smoke, chemicals, all kind of grease, and toxins from your cooking zone. Your food needs to smell fresh, and outdoor range hoods make it easy for you to attain this milestone. Below you can have a look at this buying guide that tells how to choose an outdoor range hood:

Construction and CFM

Look for the outdoor range hood that is rated 1200+ CFM. Such a hood handle and well manage the intense heat coming out from the bbq grill. Moreover, hunt for the hood model that is ‘outdoor-rated.’ We have seen that outdoor hoods possess more tendencies to withstand the harsh weather elements and even bear a lot of heat. In other words, they endure a lot. Besides, your outdoor range hood should be made of more durable materials. This one is a commonly witnessed fact that outdoor hoods are made of 304 stainless steel! And this material is heat and scratch-resistant.

Mounting Height and Ductwork

When buying an outdoor range hood, the element of mounting height and ductwork should be considered. Make sure to install your outdoor hood between 36” and 42”, and it should be away from the cooktop zone. The follow-up of this tip is going to maximize your range hood efficiency for sure. It gets easy for the range hood to trap more smoke and fumes. Such a mounting height brings down the chances of damaging your range hood. Even more, you need to make sure that your outdoor hood is ducted to the outside. This way, you are going to have enough and ample room for ductwork. This tip gives you a good place to vent the cooking exhaust as well to another area. Ductless hoods fail to show enough power. They lack the tendency to clean the fumes and smells surrounding your cooking air.

Select the range hood that syncs with your kitchen setup

It has become essential to buy an outdoor range hood that syncs well with your whole kitchen setup. So, it is better to invest in a kind of hood that is 48 inches or more significant in this case. Moreover, if you own two grills, it means you need to end up buying two vent hoods. In outdoor kitchens, there is this general practice of placing more oversized hoods and double hoods.

Other features to consider

You should have an outdoor range hood that has a thermal safety sensor. This way, it can automatically activate fans at the direction of 140 degrees. Rest brands prefer to use anodized aluminium filters in such range hoods as they can easily remove dishwasher safe. The factor of LED lighting or halogen bulbs should not be ignored. They bring generous illumination to your cooking station.

You can share your feedback regarding how you shortlisted outdoor range hoods and on which standards you weigh them! We know that each customer has set their criterion. We have provided you general piece of information on buying range hoods, the rest of the decision is up to you. All in all, only the high-quality range hoods extract smoke, heat and grease, and odors from your kitchen. So, whenever you plan to get outdoor vent hoods, do not forget the quality factor.


How to Maintain and Clean Your Outdoor Range Hood

There are many ways to maintain and clean your outdoor range hood. First of all, it is suggested to clean the filters every 2 to 3 weeks. If you start to notice that lots of greases are building up, then wash the filters in the dishwasher. Furthermore, you can wipe down the outside section of the hood with the help of a glass cleaner.

How to convert a vent hood from indoor to outdoor?

It is not possible to convert a hood from indoor to outdoor. Outdoor hoods are comparatively more enormous and more durable than indoor range hoods. In addition, they are made of outdoor-rated stainless steel. Their capability to handle intense heat is more! That is why it is not possible to convert a vent hood from indoor to outdoor—giving you a bonus tip! While getting an outdoor range hood, look for the option that shows 1200+ CFM and extends 6”.

When does an outdoor grill require a hood vent?

Your outdoor grill will always require a hood vent whenever your cooktop is packed with adjacent walls. Moreover, a hood vent is needed when the ceiling or an overhang surrounds the grill station. If you fail to place a hood vent on your outdoor grill, it means smoke and greases will keep on be getting accumulated in your cooking space.

Final Verdict

Summers are here, and people love to enjoy their cooking time outside. For the reason that most of them have set up and mounted their range hoods outside! As we have reviewed for you the best outdoor vent hoods. Now, you decide which range hood you want to buy! It is guaranteed by the recommended range hoods that they help you personalize and customize your outdoor kitchen space.

Our top choices are

They give a fantastic amount of coverage to your cooktop. In addition, these hoods have a robust CFM dual blower so that it gets easy for you to vent and remove heavy grease from your grill. Besides, these hoods instantly vent smoke and other foul odors from your outdoor grill. No doubt, they are manufactured specifically and entirely for outdoor use. You can share which incredibly durable range hood you are interested in and love to buy now.

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