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Broan 413004 Review

People love upgrading their kitchens. At times, they get new utensils, replace their countertops and cabinets. Some prefer upgrading their range hoods. In any kitchen, the induction of a high-end range hood matters a lot. Such an accessory ensures a proper ventilation process in your kitchen space.

So, here we are with this Broan 413004 review. This is a versatile-looking hood that we have here reviewed for you. Furthermore, this is a perfect solution in bringing the right quality airflow in your kitchen. Below we have mentioned an in-detail review about it, so have a look at it:

Features of Broan range hood 413004

  • It is installed as non-ducted only and packed with a charcoal filter
  • The package is included with a non-ducted filter.
  • It carries a protective lamp lens so that light is distributed evenly completely over the cook-top
  • The bulb is sold separately.
  • It is installed with 2 Speed Motor and functions itself in an ADA-compliant application
  • This range hood has 17-1/2″ Depth x 6″ Height x 30″ Width
  • You can have this appliance in lots of matching colors as well as widths

USP of Broan range hood

Starting with the main qualities of this ductless range hood, it comes with a light and exhaust fan. To meet your kitchen ventilation needs, this is an ideal option for you. This hood serves both in the form of an exhaust fan and overhead light. Most importantly, this is a stainless steel unit and it is designed in a way to fit seamlessly underneath your cabinets. The details of the rest of the qualities of Broan recirculating range hood are mentioned below:

Improves air-flow quality in your kitchen

First of all, this respective and reviewed hood brings the element of improved airflow quality in your kitchen. As it is a non-ducted range hood, that is why it comes with a charcoal filter! Moreover, the presence of this filter removes all of the nasty odors and smoke from your kitchen space. With the utilization of the Broan 30 inch range hood, your kitchen remains odor-free and smoke-free.

Protective lamp lens for even distribution of light

Lots of praising reviews are received by this Broan-nutone 413004 non-ducted ductless range hood because it has a protective lamp lens installed in it. This element ensures even distribution of light and you can cook your food with ease. In addition, this lens accepts up to 75W bulbs.

Easy to clean

It is that kind of hood that is easy enough to clean. All smooth surfaces are accompanied by it and no hassle is given to the user while cleaning it. Moreover, quick-release filters are present in it. You only have to detach these filters and toss them away in the dishwasher.

Safe to use

There are lots of kitchen hoods that are not safe to use! But this reviewed hood is completely safer enough to use. Its sides are mitered. Beyond, its bottom edges are hemmed. There are no sharp edges present in this kitchen range hood. All in all, this hood is a combination of good looks and safety. Make sure to install this hood at least 18″ above your cooktop. On the other hand, this ductless hood is infused with a two-speed fan switch. It is embossed with a separate light switch. The surprising quality is that the motor of this hood is permanently lubricated.

ADA-compliant application

Most noteworthy, this Broan-NuTone 413004 Stainless Steel Ductless Range Hood is made in a way to brings extensive convenience for the user. It works on the mechanism of ADA-compliant application. The customer gets 1 year limited warranty time on buying it. No doubt, this range hood enhances your kitchen operations on ideal notes.

Why buy this Broan 413004 ada capable non-ducted under-cabinet range hood, 30-inch, stainless steel?

Lots of reasons are there that push the person to invest in such a range hood type. This is the most economical duct-free hood that we have reviewed for you. It operates on the exclusive Microtek system. It filters out all airborne cooling contaminants and makes your kitchen contaminated-free.

  • A high-quality ductless range hood. It is made of stainless steel. This item instantly improves the aspect of ventilation. It is completely dependent on the non-ducted filtration system and effectively removes all kinds of smoke and odors from your kitchen.
  • There is an effective incandescent lighting system installed in it. Through this protective lamp lens, you can cook your wood with convenience.
  • To control the light of this range hood, there are separate rocker switches embedded in it.
  • Range hood is the name of offering an effective filtration mechanism. It always delivers high-quality and high value to its customers. You can easily clean indoor exhaust from your kitchen with the help of its grease-charcoal filter. This filter gives trouble-free service to the user.
  • If your kitchen often experiences the problem of excessive moisture and smoke, then use this range hood. It brings exceptional air quality to your kitchen space. Furthermore, the brand of this appliance is known for giving performance-matched and effective ventilation solutions.
  • Broan hood is compatible with all your cooking styles and needs yours. The minute you install it, it becomes the focal point and center of attraction of your kitchen. Besides, it serves as the optimal solution for your entire cooking needs.

Pros of Broan-nutone 413004 cfm

Below you can check out the main pros that are offered by this range hood. Through these pros, you can have an idea of what makes this hood an interesting option:


This is a budget-friendly option for you. It is ideal if you are running low on budget and want to get a high-end ductless range hood for your kitchen. Along with that, this appliance is quick enough to install. No technician is needed to install it. You can carry out this installation process on your own.

Makes your kitchen high-end looking

The overall design sense of this range hood is amazing. It makes your kitchen aesthetic-looking. You can have it in any color scheme. Furthermore, this appliance is available in almond, biscuit as well as bisque, black, white, and even in stainless steel color variations.

Quick to install

Rest, this Broan 413004 review has clearly explained why this appliance is a preferable option for you! It is quick to install and does not accompany any hassle factor with it. The benefit offered by ductless range hoods is that they are seamless to install. You only have to attach this reviewed range hood under the kitchen cabinet and screw it properly.

Cons of Broan 413004

Below we have mentioned a single con of this reviewed item. Even if you neglect this con, this range hood still stands out and marked as a worthy investment for you:

Needs frequent maintenance

The only drawback seen in this range hood is that it requires frequent cleaning and maintenance. Upon showing negligence in maintaining it, this hood may lose its quality. The user has to regularly clean this hood so that all operational and functions can get fulfilled for a longer period of time. Furthermore, experts have recommended replacing the charcoal filters of this hood after a gap of three months.


1-How do you clean a Broan filter?

For cleaning Broan filters, you can wash them up in a dishwasher. It is a must for you to wash these filters every month. Apart from that, it even depends on your usage regarding how frequent these filters need washing. Furthermore, you use a non-phosphate detergent for cleaning a Broan filter.

2-How much space should be between cabinets and range hoods?

Approximate space between cabinets and range hoods should be 30 to 36 inches. While choosing the height, you should determine the base of your hood and then attach it to the cabinet.

Bottom Line

Broan has more than 80 years of experience in making a wide variety of range hood appliances. As explained and proven in Broan ductless range hood reviews, a trustworthy product. Latest model has made a big name in the range hood industry. Apart from manufacturing these range hoods, company is known for making high-end fans, kitchen lights, and also diffusers, and range hood inserts. In addition, their exceptional customer service makes them a competitive product. Our strong verdict goes to this reviewed product because it is a budget-friendly home appliance.

For more details on Broan 413004 review, we are going to regularly update you. If your current range hood is not working appropriately, then replace it with this option. We are hopeful that it may work ideally for years and years in your kitchen space. This model quickly captures pollution and exhausts it outdoors. It even protects your kitchen interior against all of the damaging effects of heat. So, what are you planning now? Try out this range hood and share your feedback with us. Likewise, the previous customers have praised this respective model, in this same way, you will be satisfied from it.

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