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Cosmo 63175 Review

Are you looking to modernize your kitchen with a European look? Cosmo 63175S 30 ductless range hood is the best fit that revolutionizes the whole kitchen with its contemporary styling.  Cosmo wall mount range hood looks shining and neat with its premium stuff and makes stainless steel high end.  Cosmo 63175 wall mount range hood is designed to avoid high heat, grease, and oil.With Cosmo 63175 ducted range hood, you can enjoy cooking your meals without spreading aroma or air pollutants. What is pre-eminent about it? It’s quietness.

Cosmo 63175s range hood  gives the kitchen elite look and top-end freshness.  Such modern appliance technology is made of stainless steel. Range hoods add charm to the kitchen and are vital for removing irritants, grease, and odor from the air. Install the Cosmo 63175 review as best to remove hazardous gas fumes make your home rich with proper airflow. Here are a few critical criteria for selecting Cosmo 63715s range hood for your kitchen.

Basic Features

  • Cosmo 63175s wall mount range hood adopts an ultra-quiet design, which can effectively remove peculiar smells during cooking, along with the carbon filter kit used for ductless and recirculating installation.
  • Simple integrated backlit display with touch controls, lights, and fan controls with just one touch.
  • Three fan speeds can be adjusted according to your needs; high, medium, and low suction power options suit various foods and cooks.
  • Handleable multiple pots, pans, and burners with 380CFM suction power, enough to take steam, grease, and smoke even in large meals. 2 energy-saving LED lights under the hood can provide bright white light, illuminate your stove surface when you are working, and it can also be used as a night light.
  • Best-quality steel ARC-FLOW filter captures kitchen grease and  odors; easy to clean,  dishwasher safe, and durable.
  • 5-year limited warranty. According to Cosmo ductless range hood reviews, you can use it for trouble-free years.  The range hood is made of high-quality 430 grade 20 gauge stainless steel Includes a 3-core power cable.
  • Optional to purchase CFK1TM Carbon Filter Kit to convert range hood to recirculating ductless operation.

Cosmo 63175 Specs

  • Dimensions: 25.6″H ×39.4″H x 30″W x 19.75″D
  • Air Movement: 380 CFM
  • Control Type: Digital Touch Controls
  • Lighting Type: LED
  • Cutout Dimension: 30″
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Voltage: 120V/60Hz
  • Installation: Wall-Mount
  • Vent Style: Ducted/Ductless
  • Noise Level: 65 dB Max

Cosmo 63175 Installation Instructions

Before installing cosmo 63175s range hood,  ensure the hood is positioned correctly with all of its screw holes on the drywall. After fixing the extractor range,  connect the flexible tube with the hood and fix the chimney at the roof.

Step 1: Check the parts 

As a general rule of thumb, check the appliances before installation. For Cosmo 63175 ducted range hood, we recommend you to take out the range hood, put it on the kitchen counter, and plug it in. Try all settings for fan speed, lights, timers, and any other range hood functions. The last thing to do is cosmo 63175 installation,  to find Its missing parts or to check the range hood is working correctly or not.

Step 2: Cosmo 63175s wall mount range hood outlet

The next step for the homeowner is to make sure the cosmo 63175s range hood is positioned correctly on the stove and marked with a pencil. You need to make sure the range hood is located in the center above the stove. To get good indoor air quality, you have to cover the furnace as much as possible.

The perfect height of the COS-63175S range hood is 24-36 inches above the cooktop. If you are not sure about the ventilation of the range hood, move the range hood closer to the cooktop to get better suction power or read the cosmo 63175s manual. If necessary,  few inches below or above the 36-24 inch hood is fine. After determining the position, remove the hood with a pencil and draw the screw holes.

Step 3: Align the Cosmo 63175s series with the wall

After marking the cooker hood and screw holes on the wall, you can drill holes in the drywall. Now insert drywall anchors with the device, and at the back of hoo,d attach the main bracket. Align the frame with the plastic anchors and drilled holes and place the range against the wall. You can currently use the screws provided to mend the bracket and hood to the wall.

Step 4: Flex duct connection

Connect flexible pipe at the top of range outlet after fixing the hood. Most range hood ducts are adjustable metal or aluminum foil. Rigid metal pipes are always best because they can improve airflow, but they are more complicated to install. I suggest using aluminum foil tape to fix the tube on the top of the range hood. The aluminum foil tape will not melt when heated. If the line is secured with a plastic tie, it may melt.

Step 5:  Installation of Chimneys

For the cosmo 63175s range hood, the chimney will have two parts covering the flexible duct. There may be a slot for these two parts after connection to slide together. Before fixing the top of the chimney to the ceiling, you need to select the bottom of the chimney to the range hood using the screws provided, or you can get a guideline through cosmo 63175 installation instructions. After setting the lower chimney, you’ll slide the higher or external chimney to the ceiling. Use a ladder to mark the hole in the top vent on the wall, and make sure the spot should be leveled. Like installing a range hood, you need to drill the hole in the full support of the fireplace and then insert the drywall anchor. Then you can fix the fireplace support with the provided screws.

Step 6: Install Filters & plug hood

For securing the chimney, infix the exhaust hood and install the filters; the filters can contain metallic element mesh or baffle filters. To travel with a recirculating installation, you may establish a charcoal filter.

Cosmo 63175s Wall Mount Range Hood Safety Instructions

  • The cosmo 63175s wall mount range hood can cause electric shock if it is grounded correctly under. It also has a grounding wire and plugs for proper grounding. Improper grounding leads to severe electric shock. During the appliance installation, if you cannot make the product grounded, hire an electrician.
  • Avoid using extension cords. If the power cord is too short, call a qualified electrician to install a plug near the equipment.
  • To reduce fire risk and discharge the air properly, do not discharge the exhaust gases on the wall, ceiling, attic, basement, or garage space.

To Reduce The Chance Of Fireplace, Electrical Shock, Or Injury To Persons, Concentrate On The Following

  • Use this device according to the Cosmo 63175s manual specified by the manufacturer. If unsure, please get to bear with the manufacturer.
  • Before cleaning the equipment, turn off the power from the service panel and lock the disconnect device to prevent the violence from being turned on accidentally. Installation work and electrical wiring should be administered.
  • During drilling into the wall or ceiling, be alert about electrical wiring and other hidden plugs or utilities.
  • Ducted appliances must be installed outdoors; avoid venting them indoors.
  • A proper air system should be there for combustion

To Reduce The Risk Of Personal Injury In The Event Of A High-Range Grease Fire, Please Pay Attention To The Following

  • Use a tight lid, cookie sheet, or another metal pan to apply the flame, and then turn off the gas burner or electrical components. Take care to avoid burns. If the pet doesn’t quit now, decision the hearth department.
  • Never pick up a frying pan that may not use water. Even wet wipes or towels can cause violent steam explosions.
  • Always place the safety net and filter in place.
  • Durable and Reliable material
  • Inaudilble sound
  • Convertible from ducted to ductless
  • Sleek and stylish design
  • Installation need second person assistance


1- What is the minimum height for the Cosmo 63175?
The minimum height is 7.5 inch to 8.5 inches.But for optimial 24-36 inches are recommended.

2- Is it wall mount or island mount?
The product is wall mount as the backside of the chimney is open.

Bottom Line

Transform your entire kitchen with Cosmo 63175 ductless range hood. Experience its upscale brushed stainless steel that can withstand high temperatures, grease, and oil. It’s a critical feature that stainless steel is used to prevent accidental jolts and indentations. Its wall-mounted smooth chimney on all three sides helps you to clean the lines easily

Based on the Cosmo 63175 review, we concluded it as a comfortable and easily portable range hood that suits your budget and needs as well. Every appliance has drawbacks and characteristics to its design and compatibility. It’s a good option for current modern styles of the latest kitchen decoration and exclusive luxury feel. Try it once.

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