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Cosmo umc30 Review

Upgradation of Kitchen Appliances is the need of the hour in today’s modern world. And gradual technological advancement has made it easier. People are now able to replace their traditional appliances with new ones. For that reason, they look for an updated and efficient range hood for their kitchen. Because such appliances help people to work in a ventilated environment without being suffocated.

Therefore, here is the review about the best kitchen appliances COSMO umc30 ductless for you. Being efficient and versatile in nature, this gives you the best solution to your exhaust and ventilation problem in a kitchen. In order to ease you, here are  Cosmo ductless range hood reviews in detail. So, let’s have a look at it.

Salient Features of COSMO UMC30

  • Cosmo umc30 is designed according to fullest safety and performance standard.
  • The range hood quickly ventilates your kitchen reducing contaminants, grease and odors with a low noise levels.
  • It is wrapped with 430-grade stainless steel, non-magnetic and rustproof body.
  • The product has 20.5” depth x 9.75” height x 29.5” width
  • It uses 120 volts to work efficiently.
  • 2 induced LED bulbs to illuminate brightness level.
  • Specifications of Cosmo umc30

Talking about the specified elements of Cosmo umc30 ductless range hood, it includes light bulb, exhaust fan and is placed under a cabinet. A specific timer can be set in order to schedule the timing of on and off of Cosmo umc30. Keeping these essentials in consideration, Cosmo umc30 must be at your priority while replacing your traditional range hood with the modern one. It assists you both for exhaustion as well as gives light to operate properly. It is designed in a way that no hard and fast rule is required to installation.

Let us look at some in detailed qualities of this special and unique product so that we can easily buy it.

Sleek Touch Screen

First and foremost prominent essential of Cosmo umc30 is that it is easy to use digital soft-touch controls with the display. So you can have your desired level of kitchen ventilation by just one click. The touch control screen also assists you to read the screen easily because all of the required options are visible on the screen.

LCD Display

Another important quality which all of us want in our kitchen range hood is a display of screen. Cosmo umc30 provides us with an LCD display so that the users can easily operate as they want. It has energy-efficient LED lightening to provide its users with the best of visibility.

Fans induction to improve air quality

Cosmo umc30 contains 3 efficient fans speed within it. This feature with 3 fans speed (high, medium, low) helps you to select the speed according to your kitchen temperature.. Resultantly, people can have enough air to get rid of suffocation and ventilate their kitchen temperature.

Easy to clean

Additionally, Cosmo umc30 provides you with the best of ease to clean and wash this range hood. It contains a dishwasher which you can easily plug out and wash and again place it. Easy to wash gives you the facility to maintain your range hood time to time without any hesitation or risk of getting damaged.

Under-cabinet placement

Last but not the least feature of Cosmo under cabinet range hood umc30 is that it is placed under your kitchen cabinet.It ensures the risk safety of the people. Therefore, it would be right to say that it is easy to install on your kitchen.

760 CFM Air flow capacity

As umc30 has 3 fans to operate, it has a high level of airflow capacity which is 760CFM so quickly ventilate the kitchen. This enormously speedy airflow attracts those places where a mass level of ventilation is needed.

Replacement of lights

You can easily replace your LED lights in this product if their voltage is over. So, this unique feature of Cosmo umc30 range hood replacement lights also attracts the customer.

Reliability and durability

Apart from all above-mentioned qualities, Cosmo umc30 also ensures you the reliability and durability of its product by providing a warranty of five years. As it is made up of high-quality materials,  so it is long-lasting and works efficiently.

Cosmo umc30 Installation requisites

Avoid installing the range hood at the place where there are multiple windows or doors to avoid exhaust efficiency.

Place the range hood exactly above the cooking surface. The suggested distance between the range hood and the cooking surface is a minimum 24” and a maximum 30”.

Also do not expand your range hood vent pipe too far from the range hood placement.

Installation method

  1. Drill two holes of 8mm in position for wall anchor placement.
  2. Tap wall anchors securely into each of drilled holes.
  3. After wall anchors have been tapped in place, insert 4×30 screws but leave ¼ inch screw out of wall.
  4. Take hood unit along with 6 round Aluminum duct. Secure the duct to vent hole at the top of the hood using HVAC aluminum foil tape.
  5. Drill a 6-1/4 round hole into bottom of cabinet. Drill a 1-1/2 hole into bottom of cabinet for electrical access hole.
  6. When hood is hung to back wall, remove baffle filter from underneath the hood.
  7. Drill each of five pieces of 4×30 screws into bottom of cabinet using 5 screw holes at the top of the hood.
  8. Once hood is secured into cabinet, tighten the wood screws present at the back of hood. Install baffle filters back into place. Make sure that hood is secure by pressing on it. Plug unit into power outlet.

About Cosmo Range Hood

Cosmo appliances technology, integrate performance and design to modernize the kitchen more than enhance functions. Their basic aim is to provide the services of their best with maximum satisfaction of their customers. Therefore, they are leading in the market of kitchen appliances with multi-range products. Their specialized ventilated products always satisfied the customers and build their confidence in Cosmo production. So, it is high time to invest your money in the most reliable Cosmo umc30 range hood to give your kitchen a charming look. You may find many under 10 Best Ductless Range Hoods.

  • Economical and budget-friendly
  • Safe to use
  • Easy to operate
  • Pollutant free environment
  • The only negative thing about Cosmo umc30 is that it requires proper maintenance frequently. One has to gradually wash the dishwasher along with keeping proper maintenance of the overall range hood.


1- How do the timer of the day set on Cosmo umc30?

  1. Hold button(timer) for 3 seconds.
  2. Set minutes by using the light button.
  3. To set the hours’ use fan speed.
  4. Press the timer button again when the time is set for the day
  5. Leave the unit for 5 sec in rest without touching anything to finish the setting.

2-Why power button flash when the light is on?

A 60-second auto-shutoff timer activates when you press the power button for a single time while the fan is on. To resolve the issue, simply press the power button a second time.  This will cancel the timer and shut your fan off immediately.

3-Can I Change the time format?

No, this range hood does not have changeable time formats.

4-How is it possible to set a shut-off timer on my range hood?

The shut-off timer is for digital units only. For this:

  1. Turn on the fan. Set it to the desired speed.
  2. Then press the timer button.
  3. Keep pressing the timer button until the shut-off time that is desired is displayed.
  4. Once the timer is set, wait for 5 seconds
  5. When the timer ends, the fan shuts off automatically.

Bottom Lines

To conclude, Cosmo has decades of years’ experience with the availability of multi-products ranging from kitchen lights, fans to under cabinet range hoods etc. They have made their worth and built their goodwill by providing the best in the interest of their customers. Therefore, the company is among the top-ranked multinational appliance makers. Their effective customer service distinguishes them from other competitors. So, we are in the high recommendation to you in favour of Cosmo umc30.

So, if you are thinking to replace your range hood due to its inefficiency, then go with the Cosmo umc30 in order to save money and time. This product will surely be going to ease your life. It will comfort you while your chores in the kitchen. Give it a chance and surely you’ll be in love with it.

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