Perfetto Kitchen and Bath ‎PKB-RH0279 Review

Perfetto Kitchen and Bath _PKB-RH0279 Review

Making your kitchen sleek and modern looking has become easy. Give your thanks to such range hoods that enhance your kitchen decor look instantly. These exemplary range hoods not only make your kitchen workspace fabulous looking; in fact, all smoke and odor are removed from that area as well.

Here we have come up with Perfetto Kitchen and Bath ‎PKB-RH0279 Review. It is an ideal range hood type that sucks all possible odor and nasty smoke from your kitchen. The sleek and modern design element is present in it. In addition, it is featured with beautiful black paint finishing and composed of a stainless steel body. The rest of the particulars and specifics that are part of this range hood is explained below to our readers:

Features of Perfetto RH0279 review

Below we have highlighted the important features of the Perfetto range hood. Kindly have a look at them and see why our below-mentioned explanation is justified from all angles. This impressive range hood removes all odors, fumes, and smoke from your kitchen. It is of heavy-duty construction and captures smoke and steam with maximum proficiency. No doubt, this is the next-level luxury kitchen appliance:

  • Finished in black painted stainless steel
  • Packs 210 CFM of suction
  • Carries an incredibly slim profile
  • Injected with a beautiful looking clear glass canopy
  • Accentuated with clean and minimalistic lines and packed with the element of European styling
  • Push-button controls
  • Installed with a powerful and reliable 85-watt motor provides
  • Reusable stainless steel filter
  • Integrated and dual energy-saver LED lights
  • Range Hood Size dimensions are 29.3″ W x 18.5″ L x 30.4″ H
  • Ceiling Fitment is 8′- 8.5′ and Duct Size is 6″
  • The airflow range is 217 CFM
  • Shows Air Flow Efficiency of 1.62
  • Displays 3 levels of speed settings
  • The control type is based on push button
  • Control noise level range is less than 60db exactly at 217 CFM
  • Lighting operations are injected with LED, and two bulbs are there.
  • The bulb needs 1.5W Motor and 134W
  • The required finished voltage range is 120V / 60Hz
  • Baffle Filters, Remote Control
  • ETL Compliance with US safety standards
  • Meets Canada Safety Standards
  • 3-Year Limited Parts Warranty time

Why buy Perfetto range hood RH0279?

This one is the right kitchen appliance that should get fitted in your kitchen workspace right now. You can only experience the vibe of having a professional-looking kitchen if you have invested in such range hoods. In addition, this reviewed wall Mount Hood eliminates all odor and steam from your kitchen and makes it a comfortable cooking station.

Premium Power and Strong Operations

According to experts, this Perfetto Kitchen and Bath 30 in. Convertible Wall Mount Range Hood in Black Painted Stainless Steel with Tempered Glass and Push Button Control shows premium and ultra-super power! It is available in a T-shape wall mount hood. Furthermore, the presence of a powerful motor makes it an efficient running hood range. If you think that your current hood does not correctly eliminate smoke from your cooking zone, try out this reviewed range hood then. It shows three-speed levels, and it depends on you which intensity level you want to choose for sucking odors and smoke.

Top materials and construction

The respective range hood by Perfetto Kitchen and Bath is made of top materials. To give you a rough idea, it is constructed by infusing a combination of black painted stainless steel and tempered glass. Such a construction guarantees and promises to deliver the element of premium quality. Furthermore, makers have embedded modern, sleek and minimalist design aspects in this range hood. No doubt, the range hood that is currently available in front of you suits all kitchen styles.

Efficient and practical baffle filters

Efficient baffle filters are present in this range hood by Perfetto Kitchen and Bath. As we have mentioned to you, it is a professional range hood, so efficient filters are infused in it. The presence of such filters eradicates all smoke and odors from your kitchen space. Most importantly, these filters are dishwasher safe. When they get filled with smoke stains and grease, you can remove them and wash them away in the dishwasher. Regular washing of these baffle filters ensures perfect airflow operations as well as an efficient ventilation process. Thus, superior filtration time is offered by Perfetto ductless range hood charcoal filter.

Practical to use

This hood offers practical and versatile use. First of all, it does not produce while it is in running mode. Though a powerful motor is injected into it, it still produces quiet and noise-free operations. Furthermore, the noise level is kept under 60db. In addition, LED lamps make this range hood an extraordinarily reliable and versatile option. Through these LED lamps, you can cook with ease. The cooking workspace remains to stay lighten up as long as LED lamps are turned on. The presence of a perfectly illuminated cooking space lets the person enjoy his cooking time as well.

Efficient and Improved Airflow

217 CFM removes all minor and significant smells, smoke, and odors from your kitchen with ease. These odors remain locked in your kitchen and do not make their way into your other home zones. Hence, this is the kind of range hood that combat cooking fumes with much convenience and ease. It instantly captures grease, odors and also smokes effectively. Moreover, this range hood keeps your kitchen air clean on each possible note.

Modern design

There is no point in getting a range hood that fails to look stylish in your kitchen. This range hood by Perfetto Kitchen and Bath carries modern design touch in it. Black painted finish, stainless steel body, and touch button control mechanism make it a high-end model. Possessed with an incredibly slim profile, that is the primary reason that it gets sold out so much sooner. According to customers, they have loved its clear glass canopy. The brand has infused clean, minimalistic lines in this range hood to give it a European styling vibe.

Compliance and warranty

Last but not least, range hood by Perfetto shows ETL Compliance with US safety standards. In addition, it meets Canada’s Safety Standards. Rigorous testing procedures are applied on this range hood, and then it was made available in the market. It is entirely safe to run and does not bring any harm to your health and kitchen. Furthermore, 3-Year Limited Parts Warranty time is offered on purchasing.

Perfetto RH0279 installation

While you install this Perfetto RH0279 hood, make sure to read out the instruction manual. Proper understanding of the installation method is paramount so that the range hood can function efficiently at its end. If your home comes without an outside vent, you need to buy a carbon filter kit. This kit is included in the package, and you have to buy it separately. This carbon filter kit is currently available for all sorts of ductless recirculating installations.

  • Quiet and practical operations
  • Allows efficient airflow
  • Modern and sleek design
  • May run out of stock, so order early


1-Do kitchen range hoods have to be vented entirely outside?
In most states, it is mandatory to vent your kitchen range hoods entirely outside. It is not endorsed to vent your hood into a crawlspace zone or attic. Moreover, avoid venting your range hood in a wall cavity. Such a range hood is improperly ducted and brings your health and kitchen workspace at risk.

2-How far can you duct a kitchen range hood?
It is advised that a range hood duct should not exceed 30′ when it comes to a straight run. Furthermore, it should not exceed 25′ for a run if it comes with one elbow. And need not exceed 20′ if it comes with two elbows. There is a general and common rule that the shorter the duct means better it is for your kitchen! Too long ductwork may restrict your kitchen air not reach the outside.

3-Are range hoods worthy?
Yes, range hoods are worthy as they are specifically made to remove steam, smoke, and heat from your kitchen. They remove and ideally eradicate cooking odors and thus keep your kitchen space clean. Using them is a perfect way to eliminate grease particles that often get accumulated on your kitchen walls.

Bottom Lines

We are delighted with the use of the Perfetto Kitchen and Bath range hood. And once you go through this Perfetto Kitchen and Bath ‎PKB-RH0279 Review, you will agree with us as well. In addition, this brand makes impressive and incredibly out of this world range hoods. Besides, this respective model has satisfied us, and you might share the same opinions once you start using it.

Clean, minimalistic lines, black painted finishing, Push-button control, and European styling element makes it a trendy range hood. It shows ample and sufficient suction power. There is no need to jam-pack your kitchen workspace with nasty odors and greasy smoke. Install such a range hood, and it will going to kill these odors and cooking fumes. If any of you has tried out this exact range hood or similar like this, share with us your experience for sure. For further options you can read under 10 Best ductless rangehoods.

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