Reliable, durable and environment-friendly kitchen utensils are the need of the hour. With time, people need to replace their kitchen appliances with upgraded ones for their convenience to work peacefully. The same is the case with Kitchen Range Hoods. As Range Hoods play a vital role to work calmly and comfortably in the kitchen, people love to upgrade it for the purpose of better ventilation.

So, Cosmo introduced the best option of Cosmo 5mu30 under cabinet kitchen range hood. Here we are with the Cosmo 5mu30 range hood reviews. It is among the top rating under cabinet kitchen range hoods that has been reviewed for you. It is the safest accessory of the kitchen for proper ventilation and distribution of light. Below, we have illustrated the detailed reviews of Cosmo 5mu30.

Specs Of Cosmo 5mu30

  • Installed as Ducted hood at top or back venting with the circular vent of 5 inches in diameter.
  • Convertible into ductless range hood by using Charcoal filters.
  • Carries Induced 3W LED lighting bulb at back. This bulb operates by using a single Push Button.
  • It has Smooth, 430-grade brushed Stainless steel front body.
  • Built-in  Aluminum Mesh Filters to remove dirt.
  • Single motor having 3-speed exhaust fan(High, Medium, Low). The speed of fan can easily be adjusted by using button placed over it.
  • 200 CFM power makes it best for suction.
  • Accommodative Dimensions with Width of 29.8 inches× 19.8 inches length and height of 5.5 inches.
  • Cosmo 5mu36 is also available.
  • It can be installed under your kitchen cabinets or against your kitchen walls.
  • Generates sound intensity of 56 dB.
  • 3 prong plugs are adjusted in it.
  • 1 damper is given.

Unique perceived qualities of cosmo5mu30

Taking a start with the main qualities of this under kitchen cabinet range hood, Cosmo 5mu30 parts are 3W LED LIGHTING induced at back, Aluminum Mesh Filters and 3-speed exhaust fan. This range hood ensures the best ventilation for your kitchen and provides light to kitchen area. Interestingly, it is stainless steel unit providing decent look to your kitchen.

The details of further attributes of Cosmo 5mu30 ducted range hood are;

Makes your kitchen pollutant free

Countless adorable reviews have been received about its capability to eradicate dirt, smoke, grease from kitchen environment. The Aluminum mesh filters are designed to grab any sort of pollutant from the air of kitchen, making its environment comfortable. Cosmo 5mu30 CFM of 200 works best for suction thus makes kitchen area odour-free and dirt-free. These unique quality of these aluminum filters is that they can be easily removable, washable and reusable.

Energy saving bulb for providing light

Cosmo appliance carries One induced LED bulb fixed at its rear. This specially designed bulb saves your energy or power and distributes light evenly so that you can cook your food with comfort and ease.

Space saving design

Cosmo 5mu30 slim profile range hood needs less space. As being slim in its structure, it can be used in tiny apartments as well. This peculiarity makes this utensil more demanding these days.

Convertible to ductless range hood

An exceptional quality of Cosmo 5mu30 under cabinet range hood is that it can be converted into Ductless hood. Cosmo 5mu30 ductless range hood reviews are quite satisfactory because you can easily convert it into ductless unit by using CARBON FILTER PAPER(Charcoal filters). It must be noted that these Carbon filter papers are sold separately.

Convenient Control Panel

To use this range hood is most easy because of its Control panel. Appreciably, this unit is quite easy to use. By using Push Button, you can use it without any discomfort or tension.

Exhaust fan with adjustable speed

Cosmo 5mu 30 have an exhaust fan with three speeds; High, Medium and Low.

This feature helps you to choose the speed of air according to suitability of your cooking by just one push button.

As everything has positive as well as negative sides, cosmo 5mu30 also has pros and cons but its positivities weightages over its cons.

Installation Requirements

  • For perfect performance, the range hood must be fixed at 24– 36 inch height from cooktop.
  • Voltage: 110-120 Volts , Frequency: 60 Hz , Motor Input Power:79W

Installation Procedure

Cabinet installation method

For Ducted Installation, Cut 9.8” × 3.23” rectangle into your cabinet and four holes with diameter of 3.5mm.

  • Make sure that Metal protection is installed on the exhaust hole that will not be leaking the air.
  • Fix 4 wall anchors into the holes that are drilled prior.
  • In the wall anchors, screw the 4 screws
  • Screw the four self tapping screws into the wall anchors.

You dont have to cut the cabinet or wall for Ductless Installation.

  • Drill only four holes having diameter of 3.5mm.
  • Remove metal protection from back of the unit.
  • Leave ¼ inch space from wall to back of unit.
  • Space is needed to recirculate air.

Wall mount installation method

First of all ,for Ducted Installation,

  • Locate four mounting holes behind range hood.
  • Using the pencil or marker identify their locations at installation posotion.
  • Make 8mm hole at each of marked location.
  • Put anchors with screws in each already drilled screw hole.
  • Firmly tighten the screws but never tighten screws all the way.
  • Leave screw head ¼ inch out.
  • For Electrical supply drill the holw in cabinet or wall.
  • Cut 9.8” × 3.23” hole into wall and install metal cover over top vent.

For installing Ductless rangehood,

  • Drill only 3.5mm hole.
  • Make sure metal cover is installed to rear vent.
  • Align and install damper inside cabinet with a hole and screws

Maintenance of Cosmo 5mu30

  • Use only warm water with soap or cleaning solution to clean the outer surface of hood.
  • Dry the surfaces using a soft cloth.
  • Do not clean the motor or electrical component with water or any other liquid.
  • Clean the range hood appliance 1 to 3 months considering the use.

As everything has its positivities as well negativities, same is the case with Cosmo 5mu30 which is also having good and bad sides but its positivities weightage over its negativities.

  • Slim structure and smooth front body providing your kitchen a sober look.
  • Easily affordable and budget friendly within affordable range to set you free from the tension of its cost.
  • Way easy to install with maximum time duration of two to three hours.
  • Light weighted and compact structure
  • Easily be converted from ducted to ductless.
  • It gives you the sound intensity of 56 dB but most customers have said that it is disturbing and non-obstructive.
  • For conversion into ductless range hood, separate filters are required. But these filter work optimally to aerate the kitchen.

Why Cosmo 5mu30 should be at your priority while looking for best kitchen range hood??

  • If your kitchen gets polluted readily, then clicking by just one push button the Cosmo 5mu30 makes your kitchen pollution free and suffocation free within no time by using aluminum mesh filters. It is highly recommended if you want to work in environment friendly kitchen.
  • If you face lighting issues while you cook then by installing it, you can feel comfortable during cooking and dishing because an LED Bulb is induced in it which solves the customer’s need of brightening up the cooking area.
  • Most of the kitchen range hoods are not easy to use. By keeping an eye on customer’s feasibility, Cosmo 5mu30 operates on a single push button. Hence by using this button, it can easily be used.
  • Interestingly, this utensil does not need any electrical wiring. Household plugs are enough.
  • You do not need to buy any extra thing while fixing it because 4 screws are needed for its installations that are already available in it.
  • It does not require any Battery to work.
  • If your kitchen is congested, then you do not need to worry because Cosmo 5mu30 is designed Slim to solve your problem.

About Cosmo Rangehoods

Cosmo is at top ranking for selling best range hoods.  It has risen among the best selling company within cheap and affordable range of price. It is widely famous for launching uncountable products such as induction cooktops, dishwasher, oven, cooking range and many other kitchen utensils. Keeping into consideration the customer’s needs, this company keeps upgrading and launching affordable and reliable products. Now Cosmo has launched Cosmo 5MU30 with 5 years of warrantee.


1-Does this come in other colors?

No, product is only available in Stainless steel that blends with your kitchen and does not look awkward.

2-Can non- led light be used in this?

It is only designed for an LED bulb of 3Watt.

3- Is there any electrical rewiring is needed?

You just need a standard household plug. There is no need of any electrical wiring.

4- My aluminum filters are not working well. What to do?

Remove these filters and clean them. Make them dirt free and place them again.

Bottom Line

Latest and updated kitchen range hood has ranked among best and top rated kitchen appliance. If your current kitchen range hood is not working well or if it is not ventilating properly or if you are having any sort of issue while using your current hood and you are searching for a good and reliable kitchen range hood that can captures pollution from your kitchen and make your kitchen interior peaceful, then You must replace your current range hood with Cosmo 5mu30. It protects your kitchen from damaging effects as well.

Try out this model and we provide you guarantee that you will be more satisfied as other customers are. You will definitely appreciate it when you install it in your kitchen. So what are you waiting for? Just go and install this range hood that meets all the demands of you and your cooking.

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