How to Choose a Range Hood – Ultimate Buying Guide

How to Choose a Range Hood

When we are going to talk about the comfortable kitchen; Range Hood comes in as a vital element of the kitchen. Most kitchen experts and health experts refer to a kitchen with safe ventilation, which is impossible without a range hood. So, the debatable question is how to choose a ventilation hood that suits your kitchen?

Each kitchen demands a different type of range hood. And we have many options of range hoods offering style, venting options, sizes, colors, power, and prices. Keeping in mind, your kitchen requirement you will surely find a way to choose a range hood. Here are some elements to keep in view before planning to install a kitchen hood.

Basic Factors

Parts of Kitchen Vent Hood 

A kitchen vent hood consists of many parts. Before purchasing we should notice some of them:

  • The Sump is an inverted part along the rim, which has to be deep at least 1 inch. It collects the kitchen fumes along with the exhaust fan.
  •  The Blower is also known as an exhaust fan. Its work is to move the polluted air out of the kitchen.
  • The damper is also an important part and prevents the air to enter the kitchen from the outside when the fan is off.
  • Here comes the most vital part; The Filters. Filters are of different types:

 1: Mesh filters

The filters having layers of aluminum or stainless steel; are capable to capture the grease and tiny microscopic food particles also. The mesh filters are easy to wash and are reusable.

2: Baffle filters

Very efficiently filters the kitchen air and is beneficial for heavy greasy cooking. Commercial kitchens must have baffle filtered-kitchen range hoods.

3: Charcoal filters

Instead of pulling out the polluted air; it filters and recirculates the air in the kitchen.  Not suitable for large-size kitchen.

The Vent System

The exhaust fan system or vent system is of two types. You may select one which fulfills your kitchen demand.

Ducted vent option

The system requires a duct to move the air out of the kitchen or even out of your house. The most recommended system; demands the installation of the range hood on the exterior wall. Otherwise, it would cost you a lot. The ductwork is hidden behind the cabinets; therefore, it is space-saving and does not affect the looks at all.

Non-ducted vent option

The system is installed directly to the wall without any duct. It filters, cleans, and returns the air to the kitchen instead of pulling it out. Moreover, it demands frequent cleaning and replacement of filters twice a year. The ducted system is better as compared to the non-ducted system.

CFM Power

A range hood installed in the kitchen should be proficient enough to remove all the polluted air almost 15 times in an hour. The quantity of air moved by a range hood is measured in cfm (cubic feet per minute). The high cfm indicates that the air will move out fast. The high cfm also indicates the high noise level. The sones for noise level are mentioned on a range hood. You can select the quietest one of your own choice.

Kitchen Plan

The construction and design of each kitchen are different. So, working space or placement of stove and range hood depends on your kitchen layout. The basic rule is to keep the distance of 25- 30 inches between a stovetop and a range hood.

A range hood can be mounted on the wall, under your cabinetry, or suspended from the rooftop over the island cooktop, depending on your kitchen design. Keeping in mind the kitchen plans we have different styles of range hood available in the market.

Styles of Range Hood

Wall Mounted Range Hoods

Wall-mounted range hoods are almost similar to the traditional chimneys. The classic look of the range hood suits many kitchen designs, like open floor plans, and large professional kitchens.

Island Range Hood

An island range hood is the mandate of an island kitchen. The stovetop is in the middle; therefore, slightly different airflow is required. It directly mounts from the ceiling above the cooktop to capture all the smoke and steam and pulls it out of the house. Island range hoods are costly because it’s all sides are visible and demands more finish. It gives your kitchen a contemporary and trendy look.

Under-cabinet Range Hood

Most kitchen plan demands the under cabinet range hood as it is economical. It is mounted under the cabinets covering the whole area of the stove top. Ducted or Non-ducted, both options are available in this style. Ducted style hides the ductwork behind the cabinets. The style is suitable for smaller kitchens and apartments where the venting system is not efficient.

Insert Hoods

Insert hoods are suggested to the kitchens having customized layouts. The hood can adjust into any custom design to resemble the other kitchen settings. You can create your hood according to your settings. They are less expensive but if you want to create a custom hood, it may cost you a lot. It’s better to take suggestions from any professional.

Downdraft Range Hood

It is a very great contribution to the styles of the range hood. Downdraft hoods exhaust the air from the pipes below the cabinets. The style is effective in the kitchen where the workspace is not enough. With a tap of a button, it hides from the working space until needed again. Downdraft hoods are best to be installed in open concept kitchens and kitchens of small size.

Bottom Lines

Some other features conclude a lot to make your selection easy, like time and light settings, auto on/off button, digital display, fan speed levels, remote controls, and Wi-Fi options. These features also affect the cost of a range hood.

Prices vary according to the style, size, and other features a range hood is offering. According to your kitchen plan and keeping in mind the range hood ventilation requirements you can easily purchase a stylish, yet reasonable range hood.

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