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Hauslane Chef Series 30 Ps18 Review

We people are spending most of the time in our kitchen when we are at home. Preparing and eating food together is a best way to show love. It brings people close to each other.  Peaceful cooking is one of the most essential factor for delicious and tempting food; we need more and more kitchen appliances. Kitchen experts are introducing different appliances for ease and one of those is the chef ps18 hood.

One must need peace of mind and effortless work in the kitchen. But sometimes people are facing a lot of problems in the kitchen regarding oil, grease, odor, fumes, chemical, and smoke, eventually making the process of cooking inconvenient and slow. For odorless, ventilated, and grease-free cooking Hauslane chef series 30 ps18 is beneficial. This will turn your home into a house, keeping the home smell fresh with a few taps of a digital touch screen.

Need Of Range Hood Installation In Your Kitchen
A kitchen hood or vent hood is a device having mechanical fans that hang above the stove or at another place in the kitchen according to its design that pulls out airborne, grease, combustion products, fumes, smoke, and heat from the air by evacuation of the air and filtration. Range hood nowadays is a basic necessity.

Types Of Chef Range Hoods

Common types of range hoods are listed below:

Under Cabinet Range Hoods

These are the most common range hoods used in our kitchens. Further, these range hoods offer two varieties i-e ducted or ductless. As the name mentions it is installed under the cabinet and above the stove or cooking range. A ducted system is better as ducts are hidden behind the cabinets’ giving a kitchen a neat look. These units are available in different styles and sizes. One can choose accordingly.

Wall Mount Range Hoods

Wall mounted type is directly installed in-wall oriented with pre-existing kitchen duct for avoiding suffocation. It looks like a traditional chimney and sometimes these units are known as wall-mounted chimneys. Mostly these units are wider in size.

Island Hoods

These hoods are similar to wall-mounted hoods. Wall-mounted hoods are installed directly to the wall but these are not installed directly in the wall, instead are aligned with the duct to your ceiling or rooftop. Island hoods and their counterparts are costly but are designed effectively, hence making an elegant and stylish kitchen.

Cabinet Insert Hoods

These units are installed with an existing cabinet or range hood. Good is at controlling the sound and light effects but lack proper ventilation.

Downdraft Range Hoods

Model requires an efficient duct system in your kitchen. Most hoods are designed to pull air upward from the ceiling or wall but this type works opposite, pulling the air down and pushing it to the ducts under the floor. These units are installed behind the cooktop.

Hauslane ps18 range hood and Standard Kitchens

Most of ours kitchens are designed in such a way that Chef 30 ps18 under cabinet hood is the best choice, hence giving our kitchen the perfect look. We know your time is very precious and there’s no time to clean up, so by installing this unit your issue is resolved. Its suction power is great, no fumes, odor, or smoke disturbs you. You can go on trying different new recipes and spend time with your loved ones. Its size is perfect, covering the stove and energy-saving LED lights are according to need and can be replaced.

Key Features Of Hauslane Chef 30 Ps18 Under Cabinet Range Hood

Contemporary Design

While remodeling your kitchen, or if you are replacing your old range hood, always remember your pick ‘chef ps18 range hood or chef ps18 36’ according to your kitchen need.

A Digital touch screen, digital kitchen clock, LED lights, and modern finish will surely meet your need. Two LED lights of 2700k are installed on both edges in order to provide adequate light to your stove or cooking range. You can select the color matte white, matte black, and stainless steel. The design and style of the unit are impressive.

High CFM Suction

When it comes to the range hood, it’s all about suction power. Its cutting-edge technology and powerful dual motors catch grease drip before reaching your cooktop. This is ideal for heavy-duty cooking including steaming, poaching, braising, frying, searing, sauteing, and Asian meals. Lingering odor in your kitchen is not worrisome.

Three different Venting System

It is according to your need and money-saving! Making your project work simple and easy; select from three venting adapters according to your current ductwork:

  • Vertical 6” round
  • Vertical 3-1/4” 10” rectangular
  • Horizontal 3-1/4” 10”

Highly Customized Settings

A digital buttonless system is at your fingertips. Fan speed can be customized through its settings. Fan speed has almost six levels and we can control noise by reducing or increasing fan speed. The 2700K light is also available for cooking convenience but if you already have bright kitchen settings you can swap it out. Conversion of light is not a big problem. It takes a couple of minutes.

Low Maintenance

You should not worry yourself regarding its cleaning process. Very simple to clean, just remove stainless baffle filters into the dishwasher and put them back later. There’s no need to rub and rub. No more grease dips! Just wipe down the digital buttonless panel with soft fabric. No buttons so have no button cracks!

Delay Auto Shut-off Function

The Delay auto shut-off function is extraordinary. A busy schedule sometimes makes us forget to turn off the unit. Our one more issue is resolved, which means you will never have to wait to turn off your range hood again.

Carcinogens Free Kitchen

Most of the studies tell us that sometimes cooking fumes contain carcinogens that are harmful to our health especially the lungs and may cause serious disease. So Hauslane ps18 installation is the best choice. Stay safe stay healthy!

Installation Process

After careful unpacking, you must need quick installation. Hauslane ps18 manual is provided. By following the manual instructions you can easily install the unit. It’s better to be installation done by a professional for safety measures. The product is a little bit heavy due to the strong machinery used. So it’s better the installation procedure is carried by two persons. For your ease here are some steps.

  • Generate openings for the ductwork and power cord.
  • Insert the range hood with the desired venting adapter.
  • Uplift the range hood against the cabinet. Make sure both sides of the range hood are leveled.
  • Secure the range hood with the provide screw and washer.
  • Fix the duct to the adapter and airtight the connection with the aluminum tape.
  • Install the baffle filter and oil tray back, which were removed before the installation procedure.

Your hood range is ready to use. Enjoy your new cooking experience.


1-How to adjust the time settings ?
Press and hold the on/off button until the hour and minute appear. Use the on/off button to set the time.

2-Can Hauslane 30 ps18 hood ranges be installed non-ducted?
No, it is a ducted system.

3-What are the decibel levels of operations?
The maximum decibel level is 63.8Db which is equal to the conversation in a restaurant or office. Medium decibel level is 62.3dB. The lowest decibel level is 61.2Db.

4-What is the cleaning procedure of the hood filter?
Slightly press the filter but be careful as it contains oily fluid, take the filters out and dish washes them thoroughly.

About Hauslane Range hoods

Where is Hauslane based?  Hauslane are the pioneer of exhaust fan companies in South San Francisco, California, US. Hauslane is working for many years in manufacturing exhaust fans and different kinds of vent appliances. As everybody knows, Hauslane never compromises on quality, therefore efficient and solid material is used in kitchen appliances. With continuous hard work and achievements, now Hauslane is one of the top brands.

The most important thing is Hauslane is providing durable products which are budget-friendly. Products are reliable and trustworthy, but not much costly. One can afford them easily. The company is providing other home appliances like bath vents etc., but users love to buy kitchen appliances and it’s proven that these are trustworthy and reliable than other products.

Bottom Line

As described in Hauslane 30 ps18 review, the product is a perfect choice for your need. The product has marked its name in the industry and its specifications and features are all, one needed in a range hood. We highly recommend you replace your old one without any hesitation and let Hauslane solve your kitchen problems. Enjoy your new experience. You will never ever regret your choice. As the company offers a two-year warranty and is confident to say that with basic maintenance and regular cleaning the product is expected to last at least 5 years.For further you can look for 10 best ductless range hood reviews!

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