How to vent a range hood [Step by Step Guide]

How to vent a range hood

A range hood is a necessary piece of equipment for everyone’s kitchen. It’s glorious stainless steel that helps to filter unwanted aroma, grease, and pollutants and gives your kitchen a refined and elegant look . Hood is created to run within the roof or walls of room. In this article, I’ll discuss the entire installation procedure of range hood in your kitchen correctly.

Range hood venting through the ceiling happens to be a little bit expensive than with the wall because it demands prediction for installation.  Whether, to install a range hood along the wall or through the ceiling, this article will guide you if you follow it step by step to go through the whole process of fixing.

Methods to vent a range hood

We are going to be speaking about the techniques concerned with venting hoods.

1-Vented or Ducted Hoods

Venting hood is the most considerable and efficient hood. It’s mainly vertically ventilated hood because this hood is saves your time while cleaning it. Plus point about it is that you don’t need to change filters frequently. It’s installation done between $1000 and $2000

2-Recirculated or Ductless Hoods

Ductless hoods differ from ducted one due to the “need of vents installed”; however, they also trap the grease and smoke away. These hoods wouldn’t like the regular ductwork that’s needed for the ducted hoods.

They are not as effective as ducted hoods. Because of it’s horizontal wall venting system through the interior or exterior wall.

Just like the vertical venting, you have to make a hole 1-2 inches bigger for the ducting. Before you attach the ductwork to the hole, all you have to do is to cut off the vent’s flange to fit it perfectly with the mounting box.

We also advise you to get  a vinyl mounting box having the length 12×18 inches and fix it to the ducting hole. Some ductworks have a length of 12×10 inches with an accordion shape. Check that the roof vent is of identical size as what you’ve got bored down.

3-Convertible range hoods

The construction of convertible hoods is slightly completely different. It will be put in either as a ducted vent or a varied passage hood. It additionally implies that they permit each vertical and horizontal ventilation

Vent hood installation through ceilings and walls

There’s a slight distinction while installing vent hood through ceilings than walls.

Installing a variety of hood vents through the ceiling is additionally referred vertically, and this is often the strategy we tend to suggest. Begin through drilling where you want to fix the vent.

It would help if you adopted some basic rules once drilling the outlet, like ensuring it’s a minimum of 3 feet removed from any chimneys, restroom vents, any roof protrusion.

Materials needed for installation


  • Flexible Accordion duct with insulation
  • Hooked blade
  • Roof-mounted exhaust vent
  • Jigsaw
  • Drill
  • Caulk gun
  • Pry bar
  • Asphalt roof cement
  • Roofing nails
  • The recommended Accordion ductwork
  • Flathead screws
  • Evident roofing-grade exterior seal off
  • A vent and mounting box

Key Points To Install Range Hood  

How to Vent a Range Hood on an Exterior Wall?

Every electrical equipment needs some precautions while installing them to avoid dangers and ensure the safety of your health. The same is the case with range hood venting.

  1.  1: Before beginning  inside the kitchen, you should transfer off the electricity. This powers the kitchen to keep away from electric hazards. Don’t use moist palms while managing any electric appliances.
  2. Make sure your connections are correctly made; the white wire in your model is the neutral wire, the green one is the ground wire, while your black wire is hot. They should be connected to the giant prong, long thin, and slightly smaller prong respectively in order.
  3.  3: Determining the sort of hood you have already come to know whether you should buy a ducted vent or a ductless one.
  4. 4: You have to ensure that The hole you’re plugging your hood vent is enough for its electricity necessities with a purpose to avoid electric hazards. The electricity sufficiency of every outlet and cables are frequently categorised on them so test them once before using.
  5. Continually check your consumer guide or make studies to ensure that you install the range hood yourself. Moreover, do not forget to check the warranties on the items you buy.

How to Clean Hood Filter

  1. First of all, separate all the wires after cutting the electricity to the kitchen.
  2. The ducts, typically run through the ceiling, should be air and watertight. If they’re not, check to screw up them. Otherwise, your roof is going to be stuffed with smoke
  3. We recommend  you to use painted metal for your ducting undertaking and not plastic. This guarantees that there won’t be any leakages because of permanence issues.
  4. To fasten the wires, always use wire nuts.
  5. Before venting your ducted models, make sure of the usage of plastic. This is due to the fact plastics usually are much lower quality. We advocate you apply painted metallic, galvanized metal, or steel ducting.
  6. Ducting is the backbone of installing the product. Therefore use vital ducts such as steel. Do avoid plastic ducting.
  7. While fixing the model, make sure that the smoke leaves the duct quickly. To make it do so, do not use ductwork of more than 40 feet.
  8. To keep away from the problems with condensation or leakages, Insulate your ductwork before attaching it to the hood.
  9. we advise using HVAC tape to seal all the joints. It has tremendous adhesive benefits.
  10. To make your airflow higher and smoke actions faster, you should refrain from using too many bends. As a count of truth, it’s miles counseled that you create a minimum of twenty-three inches of straight vents before fixing an elbow. Not greater than four 90 degrees elbows have to be used on your ducting.

Bottom Lines

One of the highest crucial picks concerning your new hood is whether it’s going to vent out or indoor. Ducting your vent hood outdoor is the fine choice to maintain your air clean and healthy. But relying upon the layout of your kitchen, you will be restricted to where you could set up the ductwork. Before you put in ductwork, make sure you’ve got the space to run it out of your range hood to the outside.

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