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Broan pm250 Review

Every kitchen workspace needs ventilation. The element of adequate ventilation in any kitchen makes your cooking time more comfortable and convenient enough. Furthermore, a properly ventilated kitchen is critical for bringing a healthy ambiance to that space.

That is why we have come up with a proper and unmatchable ventilated solution for your kitchen. Check out this Broan pm250 review and see why this range hood is ideal for your kitchen. Its primary job is to keep your kitchen environment free from any pollutants. Comparatively, a more comfortable as well as healthier environment is offered by it.

Broan pm250 parts

Stainless steel range hood and 250 CFM blower

Most importantly, this is a stainless steel range hood. It arrives in a power pack form. Furthermore, it is injected with a 250 CFM blower so that smoke is pulled out quickly out from your kitchen. This blower makes your kitchen cooking space odor-free each day.

Broan pm250 light bulb

Rest, LED light is infused in this model. The presence of bright and heat-resistant LED lighting is going to light up your cooking surface perfectly. Moreover, the light coming out from this bulb is crisp and even. Your kitchen workspace has to look inviting and warm looking. And the presence of incandescent light makes this model a popular choice. These incandescent lights are equipped with one level of intensity.

Rocker switches

The manufacturing brand has infused two-speed rocker switches. Keep in mind that these switches give 250 CFM of exhaust. In this manner, the user tends to enjoy powerful and also quiet operations for hours and hours.

Broan pm250 grease filter

The package is included with one piece of Broan pm250 filter. It is a dishwasher-safe filter and arrives in the form of an Aluminum Mesh Filter. The primary usage of the filter is to capture all possible grease and dirt. Furthermore, this grease filter keeps your kitchen pollutant-free and completely. Once this filter gets filled with grease, you can detach it and clean it in the dishwasher.

Broan pm250 dimensions

Regarding Broan pm250 specs, exhaust hood inserts measurements are 21″ x 10. 1875″ x 2. 5″. You can install this hood insert with any 6″ round duct. On buying this item, 1 and 3 years of limited warranty time is offered. In other words, the hood offers one year limited warranty time. And the three-year limited warranty is backed by the LED module.


This non-duct kit is compatible with model Broan pm250ssp.

ADA Compliant

The noticeable part is that this range hood is ADA compliant. You can freely wire it with any of the dedicated wall switches.

Convertible to recirculating/ ductless version

This respective model is easily convertible to recirculating or ductless version. Keep in mind that recirculating range hoods do not need any external venting of air. It is based on a charcoal filtration system that air is pushed through. When shifting this range hood to a recirculating or ductless version, pollutants are removed before they are circulated back into your kitchen. Such a range hood version maintains a stable level of humidity in your kitchen space. Furthermore, a recirculating range hood is comparatively far easier to install. Here no complex ventilation systems are needed, and none of the vent pipes are required.

Qualities of Broan pm250

  • It is designed in a way that fits seamlessly with any cabinetry type. In addition, this hood allows custom installation jobs. It is up to you in what direction you feel like installing this hood PM250.
  • Next, it is impressively powder-coated. All silver finish is present on it. This hood comes with a fully enclosed bottom panel, and this element makes it more impressive. The presence of powdered coating makes this hood more protected against any discoloration scenarios.
  • This same model is easy to clean. Its edges are flat and not so rough. Its maintenance and cleaning job does not take much time of yours.
  • Most noteworthy, it has a powerful 250 CFM and is installed with a Two Speed Fan-Driven Blower. The presence of Broan pm250 light cover and dual enclosed 40-Watt Candelabra Bulbs gives you a clear view while you cook your food.
  • No hassle is offered while you access the features of this range hood. Just use the two-speed controls and seamlessly access the operations and main settings of this range hood.
  • Broan pm250 charcoal filter is the quick-releasing filter that is the main element of this model. You can freely toss this filter in the dishwasher and give it a proper wash.

Reasons for the popularity of Broan range hood PM250

This model delivers high performance. It gives the desired amount of ventilation and lighting needed by your kitchen space. Moreover, the presence of Broan T and B liners gives the most elegant feel to your kitchen. It is a traditional-looking wood hood, and its liners extensively protect your cabinetry as well.

Broan is America’s leading and competitive brand. They manufacture residential ventilation products. Likewise, customers have praised this PM250 model in the same way; they have loved their kitchen exhaust range hoods and bathroom ventilation fans. In addition, this brand is known for developing new air systems and ideal indoor air quality solutions.

Broan pm250 installation instructions

The element of convenience is there while installing this range hood. It is up to the user to mount this hood as ducted form or ductless form. Thus, it depends on your needs which mounting option you want to elect! Most importantly, you should get a 6″ round duct, and the duct should be included with a damper and adapter. Make sure to hire a qualified person for completing this installation work as well as electrical wiring tasks. In addition, a qualified person fully knows how to install such range hoods, and he is well aware of the applicable codes and standards.

While installing this range hood, fire-rated construction codes should be kept in mind.

While you cut or drill into the wall, make sure that you do not damage any electrical wiring. Most importantly, all the ducted fans should be vented to the outdoors. Avoid using this range hood PM250 with any particular and solid-state kind of speed control device. Lastly, to bring down the risk of fire, you need to use only metal ductwork.

Specifications of Broan pm250 power module range hood

  • Its CFM is 250, and its depth is 11.25 inches.
  • The height of this range hood is 2.5 inches.
  • Its height above the cooktop is 24 inches.
  • The nominal depth of this model is 11 inches
  • The nominal width of this item is 20 inches.
  • Its width is 20.5 inches.

Characteristics and Features of Broan power pack pm250

  • The blower type is built-in.
  • The bulb bas is Candelabra E12.
  • Insert configuration is followed.
  • The control switch type is a rocker.
  • The duct discharge is available in vertical form.
  • Mesh filter type is used.
  • The whole and custom installation procedure is followed.
  • One blower is used.
  • Two bulbs are injected into it.
  • A traditional theme is used.

Operational Information

  • 2.1 is its amperage.
  • Its maximum sones are 8.
  • Two-speed settings are offered by it.
  • 120 is the required voltage.
  • 80 wattage is needed.
  • Watts per bulb is 40.
  • Hood is supported by the time frame of a one-year limited warranty.
  • Two-speed rocker switches are there.
  • It is injected with Bright as well as heat-resistant LED lighting
  • It may run out of stock in the near time.


1-Are Broan range hoods good?

Yes, Broan range hoods are good. They manufacture budget-friendly, two-speed, and four-way compatible range hood options. Buying and investing in them is always a solid decision that you can make. Moreover, their range hoods offer efficient operations and suitably meet your kitchen needs.

2-Is higher CFM better for a range hood?

The higher the CFM, it means the more air is going to vent out from the hoods. High-end range hoods show 100 CFM for every 10,000 BTUs. As an example, if you have got a 100,000 BTU stove, it means you need to invest in buying a 1000 CFM range hood.

Bottom Lines

This discussion has concluded that buying the Broan range hood PM250 model is a suitable choice for residential customers. It is made of high-quality construction materials and accompanied by the most extended lifespan possible. This reviewed range hood keeps on operating at peak and desired performance scales.

Besides, Broan pm250 review has explained that one should only buy those range hoods that allow faster odor and smoke removal jobs. You can find best ductless range hoods under And this model is one of them1 Being the leader in residential ventilation; you can also try out their Under-Cabinet Range Hoods and Chimney Wall-Mount Range Hoods. Moreover, they make Island Range Hoods and downdraft Ventilation Systems. Their outdoor, as well as Built-In Range Hoods, have captured extensive attention as well.

It is their best range hood that we have suggested to you. It offers the ultimate experience when it comes to kitchen ventilation. Beyond, this model PM250 is featured with state-of-the-art features and design. Its one-of-a-kind style makes it a trustworthy model.

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