VESTA 860cfm Review [Detailed Guide]

VESTA 860cfm Review

Human beings get bored with the same routine or settings, so we want to change. Change brings freshness and a new look. After some time we bring changes to our homes. And most traffic area in our homes is the kitchen. You are going to bring change to your home and kitchen? That’s nice! A decent, stylish, comfortable kitchen is your demand. For comfort, a kitchen should be equipped with the best appliances. One of them is the VESTA range hood; furnishing your kitchen classic and stylish.

A better cooking procedure has a lot of demands. Purity, cleanliness, freshness, having no smoke, and grease are some of them. VESTA 860cfm range hood is offering seamless, stainless steel body, featuring 860cfm suction power, pair of strong motors, pair of Halogen lights, curve and creative baffle filters, 6-speed levels, and touch screen. A great range hood with all aspects making it a perfect choice with reasonable price.

Key Features of VESTA 860cfm

Innovative Design

The design and structure of the unit are very appealing. VESTA 860cfm under cabinet range hood’s moderate look makes your kitchen look modern. The finish of the whole product is admirable.

Suction Power

The foremost quality to be checked out in any kind of range hood is its suction power, because if suction power is not enough to improve the atmosphere of the kitchen then it is of no use. Suction power should be enough to control the oil and grease dips also, So that the grease may not clog onto your kitchen cabinets and other things. As the name is telling us its power that is 860cfm performing well and its creative curve baffle filters can deal effectively with smoke and oil.

Oleophobic Blades 

The unit is installed with Oleophobic blades. The blades are designed to prevent oil build-up and ensure flawless performance. The quality is adding to the life of the whole product.

Strong Motors

Motors of the unit are designed with strong and thick material. It indicates that the product is durable and does an excellent job of pulling out the smoke, steam, and hot air out of the kitchen. The unit has a broader chamber which helps in exhausting smoke.

Control Type

The unit has a set of functions to do. So its exterior front is equipped with touch control. It is easy to use and operates many functions like an on/off button, clock display, time delay, and filter cleaning reminder.

Soft and Bright Light

VESTA is trying its best to provide its customers best quality device having more functions. Two halogen lights are installed at both of the edges to provide equal light on your stove which makes your cooking easy and bright. If you are not satisfied with the quality of light, or you have already bright kitchen settings, you can easily change them.  The process of replacement is not a big deal.

Three-Way Vent

VESTA 860cfm stainless steel range hood is offering you three options for installation. Each kitchen has a different structure and design, therefore the company is accommodating you to vent out the unit according to your kitchen demand. The product can be a top vent or back vent. The top vent has two options: round connector or rectangular connector, all in one package. Choose that suits your structure.

Easy Installation

You will find in the package is the VESTA 860cfm hood user manual. The manual has described in detail all aspects of the unit. It will surely help you in many ways. The manual has clear instructions about the installation of the device. It’s better to be installed by any professional. The product is heavy, so two persons helping each other can install it well.

Long Term Warranty

The customer is always satisfied with warranty products. Warranty offer gives them relief to trust the product. VESTA warranty offer is very efficient as it offers a one-year factory warranty and lifetime motor warranty.

Range Hood: A Supreme Element

Cooking is a process producing a lot of chemicals, fumes, or smoke. And if we have no solution for these problems, then cooking is a difficult job. The range hood is a chief requirement for a peaceful and comfortable kitchen. It makes for better airflow in the kitchen. Lingering odors in the kitchen is a matter of the past. Another plus point is today’s range hoods are modern and elegant which makes your kitchen sophisticated.

It’s very important to know the major function of the range hood. The device’s function is to improve the atmosphere of the kitchen. Due to the cooking kitchen is almost filled with heat, smoke and, steam. In the market, there are two major types: Ducted range hood and ductless range hood. A ducted range hood makes the airflow better by pulling the hot air and smoke outside the kitchen. While in ductless range hood there is a system of charcoal filters. It cleans the air and recycles the air into the kitchen.

Nowadays range hoods are improved not in quality but also are providing us more functions in a unit like lights and time stings etc.

Chief Element to keep in mind while purchasing a range hood

The most important job of the range hood is to filter the air. So, for the filtration process almost all range hoods are working on filter technology. Commonly used filters are of three types.

  • Mesh filters
  • Charcoal filters
  • Baffle filters.

How would you come to know which filters technology is better? Baffle filters are the best option. Here for your ease, we have discussed it briefly with a little bit of comparison. 

  • The powerful range hood has a stainless steel body. So, baffle filters matches them most as they are made up of multiple curved steel panels, therefore making your product more appealing.
  • The baffle filters are more durable than other types of filters. The baffle filters are hard to bend as compared to mesh filters. They are re-usable as compared to charcoal filters
  • The construction of baffle filters contains more gaps between each metal panel that enhances the airflow performance. Mesh filters are easy to clog by grease while baffle filters are hard to clog by grease thus the ability to exhaust air can be maintained for a longer period.

One’s Perfect Choice is VESTA 860cfm

VESTA is a company based in Toronto, Canada, working for many years in manufacturing kitchen appliances, gas range, and hood range. The company aims to provide the best quality products in the market. Their appliances are in a reasonable range with effective material used. Talking about range hoods, VESTA is providing us quality range hoods in different models, sizes, and types. One can select according to its kitchen structure and design. Here have a brief look at some models offered by VESTA. You can also find comparison at 10 best ductless rangehoods.

VESTA range hood 900cfm

The wall mount unit is provided with 154W powerful motors and 900cfm suction power. 4-speed levels, digital buttons, and two LED lights. Its baffle filters are easy to clean. The 30-inch seamless stainless steel body is easy to clean with a wet cloth. Its installation is easy and is accommodated with an adjustable chimney.

VESTA vrh-b1077

The 30-inch size unit has a stainless steel body. It is ducted under the cabinet range hood. The unit presents smart touch with 6 different speed options. Suction power is high with an airflow of 860cfm. Curve baffle filters are effective in reducing smoke and oil. Two halogen lights are available to brighten your stove. It has 130W heavy-duty motors efficient in removing smoke from the kitchen.

We have another choice, almost related to this product. Features of the above described and Vatti 860cfm are almost similar.

  • Budget-friendly
  • 6-speed levels for fan
  • Elegant look
  • 2 brightness levels for light
  • Separate oil tray
  • A little bit noisy at higher levels
  • Heavy: two persons must be needed for installation due to weight


1-Are Ductless range hoods useful?
Yes, ductless range hoods are useful. Technology is different from ducted ones. Charcoal filter technology recirculates the air efficiently.

2- What should be the height of the range hood from the stove?
The distance between the cooking surface and range hood depends on the stove you are using in your kitchen. For a gas stove, then it requires more distance. It should be between 24” and 30”. If you are using a general stove, it should be between 20” and 24”

3- Does Kitchen having a gas stove also requires a range hood?
Yes, the kitchen having a gas stove should have a range hood of more than 900cfm suction power. Because in contrast with an ordinary stove, a gas stove is emitting more smoke, heat, and steam.

Bottom Line
VESTA is almost working since 2010, providing durable and reliable products. It has marked its name as a top brand. As described earlier, the product is budget-friendly, stylish and is fulfilling almost all the kitchen demands.

We highly recommend replacing your old range hood with VESTA 860cfm, as it is the best choice for a job like cooking. One must enjoy cooking instead of feeling it as a burden for yourself.

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